Timer for Photoshop CC

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A very easy to use countdown timer and stopwatch for Photoshop CC

Timer for Photoshop CC is a panel that helps your track your time spent, or set a time limit, for your digital creations. Designed with Digital Painters in mind this panel is a great addition to any digital artist's workflow.

There are 2 modes, Stopwatch, and Countdown, that will suit your needs.


Set a specific amount of time you want to spend on your work, press play, and the countdown will start. You'll be able to see your time left and how far into your timer you are, all at a glance. This is made specifically with Virtual Plein Air artists and speed painting in mind.


The simplest tool there is. You just press play and the stopwatch will start counting up. Pause or Stop your timer when you so desire. Perfect for keeping track of how long you've been working on something.

Installation guide included

For more information please check out https://www.timerforphotoshop.com/

Update August 16th 2021:
Some users are running into issues installing the plugin using ZXPInstaller. My advice is to use Anastasiy's Extension Manager instead.

Some tools will pause the timer:
There are a few tools in Photoshop that will close the timer plugin window and opening it when you're doing using the tool. This causes the timer to pause. So after using these tools please manually continue the timer until I find a fix for this. Some of these tools are:

  • Neural Filter

  • Content Aware Fill

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Timer for Photoshop CC

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